• Nicholas Travis Kirkland

    Portfolio Manager ✪ PMP ✪ PhD ✪ M.Eng ✪ Biomedical Engineer


    Growing up in India and Africa, I witnessed first-hand how new technologies have a tremendous positive impact on quality of life. This inspired me to seek a career where I could make a real, significant difference in improving the peoples' lives.

    My professional work history has heavily involved the management of advanced projects, and my background in design and manufacturing has provided me with a holistic view of product development, from initial research through to delivery to the customer and continuous improvement.

    ► Skills & Achievements ◄

    ✔ Certified Project Management Professional (PMP, PMI®)
    ✔ Master of Management/Design Engineering & PhD in Biomedical Engineering
    ✔ 9+ years of successful research and project management experience
    ✔ Worked with 10+ medical device companies on a wide range of projects (orthopedic, cardiovascular)
    ✔ Led and managed multiple large-scale projects with budgets over $1m and teams of 5-25
    ✔ Effective in both leadership roles and in cross-functional team
    ✔ Lived in 10 countries and adapts rapidly to new cultures and working environments (culturally sensitive)
    ✔ Outstanding communication skills, proven through:
    ☑ 19 peer-reviewed papers (15 as first author)
    ☑ State-of-the-art book on magnesium biomaterials
    ☑ 30+ professional international presentations

    ► Specialities ◄

    Project Management (PMI), Design of Experiments (DOE), A3 DMAIC, In Vitro, Biodegradable Metals, Mechanical Testing, SEM, FTIR, Biomaterials, R&D, Orthopedic, Solidworks CAD, MATLAB, LabView, SPSS, Medical Device, GMP, GLP, ISO 13485, Consulting, Magnesium, Electrochemistry, Lean Six Sigma, Lean Manufacture, Voice of the Customer (VOC), Design for Manufacture (DFM), New Product Development (NPD), Microsoft Project

  • I think it would be great to be born on Earth and die on Mars. Just hopefully not at the point of impact.

    Elon Musk


    Integer Holdings Corporation

    Project Portfolio Manager 

    Cardiovascular R&D

    Nov 2015 – Present

  • Education 

    Durham University

    M.Eng. (2003-2007)

    Manufacturing & Design Engineering

    University of Canterbury

    PhD (2007-2011)

    Biomedical Engineering

    Project Management Institute

    PMP (2015)

    Project Management Professional Certified